Four ways AcWriMo gives you extra

Earlier in the month, I posted about Academic Writing Month, or AcWriMo. If you’re unsure what that is, have a look at that post.

The idea behind AcWriMo seems to be that if you push yourself really hard during one month (November), and you’ll get more done than you thought was possible. You’ll share your successes and obstacles with others, particularly the Twitter community. At the end of the month, you can go back to your normal routine with increased self-esteem and a sizeable chunk of work completed.

Having created daily (or monthly) goals, we’re feverishly working away to attain them. But is AcWriMo also working for you?

Yes. I would argue that AcWriMo is giving you so much more than just thirty days of progress. How? Here’s four ways…

1) You’ve shown yourself how much you can achieve when you make something your priority. If you really decide that something is important, and devote time to it accordingly, you can make real headway with whatever that something may be.

2) You’ve learned more about when and how you work best. Early on in AcWriMo, I asked whether the AcWriMo community on Twitter preferred to do their writing in the morning or the evening. The results were very divided. I find that if I don’t do at least some writing in the morning, there’s no guarantee I’ll do it by the end of the day. In the morning, it’s easy to make it my priority (as in point 1). As the day goes by, time passes, and things come up. Most importantly, you’ve also learned how much you can realistically get done in one day, and how sustainable that is over a week.

3) You’ve developed a habit. This will be much easier to keep up now you’ve done it for a month. You may have tricked your brain into believing that it only has to do this for a set amount of time, but you can extend that time. And as in point 2, you’ve learned what times of day you need to devote to your task.

4) You just might have become happier. The act of setting yourself work, doing it, and feeling like you’ve acheived something is hugely rewarding. Our brains love reward. And having learned how to dedicate certain time to certain things, you’ll have specific time mapped out when you do not have to be working.

Will you continue your current routine beyond the end of November? Or are you counting down the days until you can finish?

Do you feel like you’re getting more from AcWriMo than just the tangible goal that you set? Or was AcWriMo only a tool to accomplish a specific piece of work?

Do you have any tips that are helping you stick to your routine and complete your goals for AcWriMo?



  1. Thought about continuing after November – I’ve been enjoying that feeling of achievement, and of prioritising longer term goals (and is it wrong that I’ve enjoyed filling in my pretty spreadsheet??) I’ve definitely learned some things about setting priorities and not only getting caught up in the everyday though. Thanks!

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