Scrivener – the saviour of literature reviews

I am in a state of shock. With a PhD comes a constant background stress about how you will ever turn your jumble of PDFs, notes, and folders (I even tried to keep mine tidy) into a coherent literature review.

Downloaded Scrivener (software which combines the writing and organising [both of your thesis and research files/notes]) trial yesterday, did tutorial last night and this morning, and started my own project file about half an hour ago.  Dragged my root “Literature” folder into Scrivener and within 3 minutes all of my folders and files are viewable and editable within Scrivener.

I can see the whole structure of folders and files at once, rearrange them, add notes to them (including PDFs), tag them. I may need to lie down. Oh wait, I’m already in bed.

Education license (which I think covers 2 or 3 family members in your house) is around £24, and there’s a 30-day (non-consecutive, so it only counts the days you use it) free trial. If you hate it, you can export anything you’ve done on there back into Word, or whatever suits.  If you love it, you can buy it.

For Scrivener’s website, including download information, click here



    1. Thanks for your comment, Sam, that’s really useful to hear. This was one of my very first posts, and I knocked it out immediately after importing my files into Scrivener, so I hadn’t really had the opportunity to try it out further than the tutorial at that point.

      I’ll definitely take your comment on board, and will think about doing some more practical Scrivener posts :)

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